Our company, showing activitiy at ship building projects and existingly pipe system, which has already lose function or nearly expired and giving help with specialist and innovator staff, which are expert on the projects, about changing system spare parts, renewating system, laboring, producting isometric pipes, paterning pipe, modification the pipes etc. Short information which we showing activity at below;

Changing System Spare Parts: There are a general and specific supportive equipments like flowmetre, valf, manometer etc. on the pipes system whic has designed for definite tasks. Overhaling of the requested supportive equipments of the pipe system coul be done by our company with efectivly.

Laboring:  Our company revelling work force for spare pipe montage, demontage, cleaning the lines etc. on which the vessels fabricated parts or the spare part they wanted to be overhauled.

Producting Isometric Pipe: As requisition, isometric pipe can be produced by measurement surveillance or the drawing could be referenced which provided from customers.

Patterning Pipe: Fabricated specific pipes and branches could be changed or covered by patterning.

Renavating System: Pipe line production and montage could be done which requested surveillance and constraction, by our company with optimum condition and time.

GRE Pipe Montage: Our company could montage the GRE Pipe which purposed for the transmission chemical fluids, with expert staff.