Fatih Projesi

As İkbal Denizcilik, we claimed a pride by working in the first deep sea drilling platform Fatih in Turkey , Which is bought by TPAO AŞ company, between 01.08.2018 to 20.10.2018.

Our company worked as a sollution partner in the drill platform Fatih;

  • All drain pipe overhauling and replacement on the neccecery spots,
  • All the valfs and actuators overhauling and changing in the platfor0m,
  • All cement line modification and replacement,
  • Flare boom overhauling,
  • Mud pump overhauling,
  • Seawater pumps overhauling,
  • Fire system pumos overhauling,
  • Modificatrion of the manual sounding pipes in the ballast water,
  • Barite/bentonite line and tanks modification and celaning,
  • Mavhine/Pump supplying,
  • Different sized and mesaured  spare parts supplying,

have been done by İkbal Denizcilik.